Lizard MX C7500 FlatBed (based on Chevrolet Kodiak C7500 Medium Duty) for FS17 --- Texture and Mapping Assistance

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      Lizard MX C7500 FlatBed (based on Chevrolet Kodiak C7500 Medium Duty) for FS17 --- Texture and Mapping Assistance

      Guten Tag and Hello Farming Friends!

      One of the vehicles that I have always wanted to see in Farming Simulator, especially FS17 is a Flatbed truck! With FS17, if you enjoy the added work, the need to transport pallets of seed, feed, and fertilizer to your farm on a regular basis would be much easier with a flatbed truck instead of having to tow a trailer. This Flatbed could be used for bale and other goods transport as well.

      Since I wanted this to be console compatible as well, I created a new model under the "Lizard" brand using "MX" for Medium-duty, "C7500" for model and "Flatbed" for vocation, so it would appear in the store as another model of "Lizard" trucks.

      Through the use of SketchUp, Blender, and Photoshop CS5 along with the deconstruction of parts and pieces of different vehicles (the flatbed is from an International DuraStar, the chassis is from a Mack Trident LWB truck I've been working on, the front suspension is from the Lizard SX 210 Twinstar including the steeringBar, the cab is from a Chevrolet Kodiak C7500 Asplundh Tree Service truck) I have created a detailed flatbed truck that would be a great addition to farming simulator (or other games). I also created various materials for it such as black and natural metals, colored glass, rubber, chrome, and a generic material for body and interior parts.

      I have experience working with 3D models, but I lack the skills and knowledge of texturing and graphics work of that sort. Most of what I have created looks as though it was a model painted by a child with crayons than it does of a "professional" game-worthy model.

      I believe I have the ability to do the transforms and create the various XML's as I have practiced changing settings and experimenting using in-game items, but may need help with that as well, however, that would be another subject down the road.

      I am looking for assistance with creating and applying textures and various maps(specular, diffuse, AO, bump, etc...). This would be on a commission or skill trade basis (unless you wanted to volunteer your services, that would be greatly appreciated)

      I am looking for assistance with:

      1) Interior - This does not have to be modeled exactly like the real-life truck, I would just like a basic interior with an instrument cluster of basic gauges (Speed, RPM, Fuel)

      2) Exterior - I would like the cab (not the whole truck) to have color selection in the store, it's a very basic truck so there are not any complex decals and tiny details to worry about, the frame and bed would remain as-is with the look of the materials used (if possible, or whatever you feel would look best)

      3) Other - Since I have not been working with textures for a game model before, I am sure there are items that will need to be worked on that I am not aware of and we could work together on this

      I have the complete truck model in both .blend and .obj w / materials (.mtl) for you to work with and am able to 7z them and include generic shaders and diffuses from the sample mod if you do not have it. I could put this all on my OneDrive and share it publicly or with you/team specifically as a work space.

      Let me know if you would like to be a part of the project! I do not care about ownership or credit, you can take it and claim it for yourself or your team, I just care about having this truck as a quality working mod in the game for everyone (including myself) to enjoy and use!

      I also have many ideas for variations and models that I will be working on creating or willing to create by request.

      Some of the various would include:
      - Different cabs based on favorite manufacturers and models: Kenworth T-series, Peterbilt 300-series, Western Star 4800, Mack Granite, etc ... in either single or tandem axle configurations
      - Various vocations in place of flatbed: Auger Container(for use with larger capacity tippers and conveyor systems), Tanker, Fleigl-based Timber hauler, and ITRunner compatible roll-off configuration
      - Custom tandem axle flatbed configuration w/ forklift transport capability (like you see stores use such as Lowes, Home Depot, 84 Lumber, etc ...)

      I am hoping through the assistance of the community here we can create mods for everyone to enjoy! I believe a team works better than one person and I hope that as a team we can make this happen!

      Commission work would be through Paypal or similar, or would work as skill exchange in that I would assist with 3D modeling and other tasks to help you with your mods.

      -Asonian (Fredrick)

      Screen Capture of MX C7500 Flatbed in Blender (shared from OneDrive)

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