troll problelm

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    troll problelm

    i'm going to name and shame this person because, well quite frankly as a modder he should know better than to treat people with disrespect

    his username is ... from my understanding this is username. i'm not sure if it is correct but this person told me to quit modding because I wasn't doing it "his way"
    I've since disabled all comments on my mods and disabled private messages because i'm sick of trolls and arseholes like him destroying what I love and what I do best.

    so i'm asking you to either ban this person or do something to prevent trolls like this in future, give us modders the right to delete or block the said trolls from posting on our mod comments again.

    thanks for reading, and yes i'm very angry. :evil:

    Dieser Beitrag wurde bereits 1 mal editiert, zuletzt von Joni 1510 () aus folgendem Grund: I unterstand your Situation, but please call the name in threads and use a friendly language

    This problem will always exist. Who modded, is also criticized. Unfortunately, there will always be users who just want to write something, even though they have no idea of the matter or by you get nothing back.

    The best way to deal with such a situation, is simply to ignore those users

    A ban of such users will bring nothing for either he gets a new account, or it come 10 Other