Old Map to 2017

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      one would have to edit a lot of the map, like in FS2011 we didnt have pigs or sheep or even chicken back then,
      the terrain itself may be importet into a new map, but also some of the ground textures would be diffrent, because we had like decoGrass back then, and we have forestGrass + leaves nowadays.

      aside from that, many of the buildings on that map may also have errors, due to the thing called "UV out of range" which was first introduce (i belive) in FS13

      so... to me it would be a hell lot of time invested there and not worth the afford,
      keep looking for other maps which suite your needs for big fields on the FS17 mod sites.

      well, thats my advise unless you really want that one specifc map, but i dont think you gonna find someone willing to convert it...
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      thanx for the answer.

      well i dont want to dig in and do that much work, so im just gonna take you up on that keep looking part.

      But why i wanted that map in particular was that is is over scaled and very big ,

      and so it gives the feeling of being a farmer with alot of BIG fields and a verry big area to cover,

      therefor it is superp for multiplayer.

      but lets say i would take up any of those map out there for the 2017 , how do i ,

      upscale the map so it get to be BIG like the usa map from 2011. ??